"All humans are members of the same body Created from one essence"

"Human beings are members of a whole in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain."

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Libya, LIbya, LIBYA....

Qaddafi, the irrational, the impulsive, the erratic, the unpredictable, the quixotic, the bizarre, the one who is saturated with insatiable ambition,....when are you going to stepdown!

Qaddafi has always thought that he is the custodian of Arab Nationalism. He thinks that he has the obligation to manage our affairs, resources and shape our fortunes! Well, he is certainly not managing my life!

Qaddafi should remember what he wrote in his Green Book!! or may be he is applying the saying which says that "happiness is nothing more than good health and bad memory".... He wrote...I know I had the misfortune of having nothing else to do one day...and I have read few sentences from his book ;)

He wrote some banalities about some pseudo-intellectualism thoughts...he wrote, " Freedom of expression is the right of every natural person, even if a person chooses to express his insanity." OH MY! I can only say that the Colonel Qaddafi has taken full advantage of that particular freedom!!

Qaddafi has pursued a policiy of confrontation, self-assertion, aggression, and competition but it did not seem to bother anyone in our small planet! Qaddafi always wanted his voice to be heard, only his voice, but he has always hidden his selfish intentions under a soit disant "I am fighting Western Imperialism!!!!" but in fact he was only trying to use this ideology in order to mask his lust for power.

Libya has maintained commercial relations with the United States and its European allies based on the export of oil! This precious liquid makes Presidents forget everything: lack of human rights, lack of Democracy, lack of ....shall I countinue??? OIL is indeed a source of power since the oil revenue allows Qaddafi to purchase $2 billion a year of arms!!

IN Africa, our African leaders need Qaddafi's money! African leaders warmly embraced Qaddafi and Mandela even acclaimed him as "one of the revolutionary icons of our time!!!" Our African leaders paid tribute to "Brother Muammar Al Qaddafi, leader of the great Al Fatah Revolution"... did they really think that Qaddafi really had believed in peace and security in our African continent...

From an Arab World, to an African Unity, to an Islamic Party, to an Islamic state,... I have never believed in Qaddafi's THEORY!!! He is a "blood thirsty megalomaniac" and his ideas lack all sense of perspective and reality!

Tunisia's Zine el Abidine Ben Ali left the country quietly, Egypt's noisy but quiet peaceful Mubarak had almost a perfect exit, but hey!!! Qaddafi, no, non, "Walou, La" (both words mean NO in Arabic), the tyrant has to go down with blood, belligerence, and bluster! Sacré Qaddafi, rich in oil and poor in friends!

His son Saif al Islam said in a diatribe, "I have not yet ordered the use of force, not yet ordered one bullet to be fired." Really, le fils du President!!! Vraiment??

Arab youth of Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, ne despérez pas, la Democracie viendra, Hasta la Victoria de la Democracy, ne desespérons pas, n'est ce pas?

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