"All humans are members of the same body Created from one essence"

"Human beings are members of a whole in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain."

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Empowering Girls & Women

Women and girls are the one who suffer from the burden of extreme poverty in our rich world! In our non-governmental organization, which I have created (but still waiting for the Ministry of Interior approval in order to be officially registered), we are committed to end poverty by attacking its roots. 
We will build more schools and I will fight for the rights of girls to be educated. I will fight for laws that will promote universal basic education for girls. I would like to set up a women saving groups that will pool resources to finance individual small businesses. 

I will try to find the necessary funding which will be needed to help girls and women to succeed in schools and to read and write in order to be free in their society. With education, women can become the catalysts for change. I would like to instill in all the girls in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia the significance of advanced education. 

I would like to help women to have access to better health systems and to help them combat infectious diseases in order to take care of their own children and themselves. I will try to install more water pumps in villages where girls have to walk miles away to fetch water instead of going to school.

In our NGO, we will address gender inequities. Most of the women are poor, they suffer discrimination, and they are vulnerable. I am also studying a micro-credit finance schemes that will empower our women and make them less susceptible to the domination of men in their villages. An efficient micro-credit program targeted specifically to poor women in order to empower them financially and psychologically.

I would like to help eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education in Benin, Niger, and Algeria. If more women become literate, they will have more voice in decision-making and they will have better jobs. If women are educated, they will be empowered financially and socially. Therefore, their self esteem will be tremendously improved. Un-empowered women are more vulerable to health problems such as HIV/Aids. Indeed, by giving women more access to funds and social networks will help them be financially independent. 

Women produce 80 percent of the planet's food but they receive less than 10 percent of agriculture help and they own about 1 percent of the world's land. C'est une abberation, n'est ce pas!

Beninese and Nigériennes women have to trek miles daily to fetch water, accompanied by a girl child, amidst the other normal daily chores. Girls stay at home to watch younger siblings or maintain the house. And most of the families do not invest in a girl's education because one day she will marry and she will go into another family.

I will select areas where girls do no go to schools or where the government is dysfunctional. First, I will assess whether the people are ready to help or no and then I will try to mobilize women to be active in changing their communities. 

We can fight poverty by empowering girls & women. I have decided to establish this non governmental organization to highlight women's issues and to help them take ownership of their own identity.

 Education plays an important role in the empowerment of girls and women. Education plays such an important role in enabling girls to access and secure their rights.

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