"All humans are members of the same body Created from one essence"

"Human beings are members of a whole in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain."

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Are the IRA terrorists?

The IRA have been responsible for numerous bombs and terrorist attacks in Britain and since the World War II nobody has bombed London more than the IRA. But I have never heard people calling the IRA Christian terrorists. And I totally agree with the fact that we should not use the term Christian terrorists or Muslim terrorists!

Members of the IRA are Christians (Catholics) who are fighting for the end of British control over Ireland. Until the tragedy of 9/11 which had killed innocent people, the government of the USA had supported IRA and this terrorist organization received funding from the USA. Let us not forget that the previous U.S. regime also supported Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan during the Cold War.

Al-Qaeda do not represent Muslims and they should not be called Islamic terrorists. They should be called, tout simplement, des terroristes!!

The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRA therefore the label of Muslim terror must never be used too. This people who killed innocent people and who are still killing innocent people are not Muslims. They are criminal who show no mercy and they have no religion! They must never have the word muslim attached to their name because they do not represent Islam.  

The media must stop referring to "Muslim terrorism" because they are intelligent enough to understand that the atrocities committed by al-Qaeda have nothing to do with Islam. If we continue calling Mulim people terrorists, we are only playing the game of the people who are in the al-Qaeda. 
 Al-Qaeda uses a rhetoric of hatred as a powerful weapon. Therefore, they will recruit young people by telling them that the West is attacking your religion!  

Incorrect statement about religions can open a pandora box. We have to be careful! Journalists, think before you write, politicians, think before you open your mouth, some people, please do read between the lines instead of believing everything you read without using your critical thinking and reason!!!

The Quran prohibits aggressive warfare and it had only permitted war in self-defence. The true Islamic people are NOT the terrorists and the true Islamic values are certainly NOT carried by Osama Bin Laden or people who think like him. In Islam, it is stated that there must be no coercion in religious matters. Islam and Christianity have always promoted tolerance.

The true Islamic values are peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

The Jihadist is not a terrosist. People always understand the word Jihadist wrongly. The real meaning of jihad is struggle and NOT holy war. Jihad in Islam has no connection with violence. A Jihadist is a person who is spiritual and who wants to make the world a better place. Osama Bin Laden is certainly NOT a jihadist.

We need to use our intelligence in order to prepare a better world: precise intelligence. It is important to know who is our enemy and not to stigmatize a whole religion or population because of one group of people who are doing the wrong thing.

We should not turn potential friends into enemies. We should know how to call our enemies.

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