"All humans are members of the same body Created from one essence"

"Human beings are members of a whole in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain."

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Revision for Exams: Fact or Opinion

What is a fact? A fact is something that can be verified and backed up with evidence, e.g. In 2005, Brazil and FC Barcelona star Ronaldinho was named FIFA World Footballer of The Year. We can verify these details by looking at FIFA records. Facts are often used in conjunction with research and study.

To sum up, facts
  • can be verified in reference books, official records, and so forth.
  • are expressed in concrete language or specific numbers.
  • once verified, are generally agreed upon by people.
What is an opinion? An opinion is based on a belief or view. It is not based on evidence that can be verified, e.g. Wayne Rooney is the best football player in the English Premier League. Are there players in the English Premier League who are better than Wayne Rooney? 

Opinions are often introduced by verbs and adverbs that suggest some doubt in the writer's mind:
  • It appears she was confused.
  • She seems to have the qualifications for the position.
  • They probably used dirty tricks to win. 
FACT OR OPINION: Let's practice!

Curry is the best dish in the world
Cricket is played in England.
William Shakespeare is the greatest English writer.
Travelling by caravan is the best way to see England
Birmingham is located in the West Midlands
Ibiza is a great holiday spot.
The new Wembley Stadium will seat 90,000 people.
Canada day is celebrated each year on the 1st of July

The overall quality of life has decreased in the last ten years.
The written component of the driving test must be completed before the practical component.
Access courses are designed to prepare students for higher education.
Country living is the only way to live.
If you live in the London Borough of Harrow - you can pay your council tax online.
Local councillors should spend more time listening to residents and less time listening to each other.
Finding a place to live is a long and frustrating process
Reading a good book is better than watching a good soap opera on television.
There are 646 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the UK House of Commons.
English professional football puts too much emphasis on money.

According to the latest survey, families are purchasing more household items on credit.
This product might cause stomach upset for some people in years to come.
Professor Morag MacRae argues that the effect of carbon emissions on the surrounding environment will only get worse.
The research team has discovered a new method for conducting this complicated chemical analysis.
The latest poll shows a marked increase in employee dissatisfaction.
I think public opinion will change over time.
This book is an enjoyable story of life in a small village
The use of computers at the college has increased and the stationery budget has doubled in the last few years
Governments must invest more in the environment.
Nine out of ten respondents answered the questions correctly.

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