"All humans are members of the same body Created from one essence"

"Human beings are members of a whole in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain."

Sunday, 22 August 2010


When generalizations lose touch with reality, they lead to stereotyping.

A number of factors affect the way we select, organize, interpret, and negotiate information.

Therefore, perception checking can be a useful tool for verifying interpretations of others' behavior instead of assuming that the first hunch is correct.

A complete perception check includes a description of the other's behavior, at least two plausible interpretations of its meaning, and a request for clarification about what the behavior does mean.

Empathy is the ability to experience another person's point of view. Emapthy differs from sympathy because it involves seeing the situation from the other person's perspective rather your own.

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