"All humans are members of the same body Created from one essence"

"Human beings are members of a whole in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain."

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nigeria Land of Diverse Peoples

Nigeria is a little larger than the states of California, Oregon, and Washington combined! That means Nigeria could fit inside the United States about 11 times.

As about 130 million people, Nigeria's population is the largest in Africa.

Nigeria is multiethnic, which means that many ethnic groups live within its borders. It is home to more than 250 ethnic groups, most of whom speak different languages. English is the official language of Nigeria.

Most members of Nigeria's largest ethnic group, the Hausa-Fulani, live in the northwest. Nigeria's second largest ethnic group, the Yoruba, make their home in the southwest. And theIgbo, Nigeria's third largest ethnic group, live mainly in the southeast. In addition, many smaller ethnic groups live in central Nigeria, and others are scattered throughout the country.

Wole Soyinka is a Yoruba man who is known as one of Africa's most talented writers. In 1986, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. In his works, Soyinka often comments on Nigerian society in both serious and humorous ways. He also includes Yoruba folklore and traditions in his writings.

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