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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Senegal protesters vow to block third term for president

"La rue sénégalaise a eu raison en quelques heures d’une réforme constitutionnelle perçue comme une «monarchisation» du pouvoir au profit du président Abdoulaye Wade et de son fils. La société civile sénégalaise a fait la preuve de sa maturité et montré la voie au reste du continent."

Yessssssss!! PEOPLE POWER forces Abdoulaye Wade to abandon constitutional changes smoothing his re-election path!

Un manifestant à Dakar, Sénégal, le 23 juin 2011, REUTERS/Finbarr O'ReillyAdd caption
The people power forced Wade to drop poll plans. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at thousands of protesters outside Dakar's parliament.

Abdoulaye Wade had wanted to reduce the proportion of votes needed to win a presidential election, and avoid a run-off, from more than 50% to 25%.

He had also wanted to create an elected post of vice-president.

Critics feared Abdoulaye Wade (l) will make his son (r) vice-president  
His son Karim can be candidate but his father cannot change the constitution in order to make sure that his son will be elected!

The opposition has established a coalition called "Don't touch My CONSTITUTION"

Mr Wade! You first came to power in democratic polls more than a decade ago! Then, please do not try to impose your candidacy in 2012! This would be illegal, illegitimate, innoportune and dangerous for the stability of Senegal! 

Do not try to foist a Dynasty on the Senegalese people!!! Please Papa Wade!

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