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"Human beings are members of a whole in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain."

Friday, 11 March 2011

Algeria:19-year-old state-of-emergency!!

Algeria lifted its 19-year-old state of emergency Thursday in response to a key demand from anti-government protesters. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has "ordered the cancellation of the extension of the emergency measure put in place by presidential decree on February 9, 1992," said a statement published on the state newspaper. The state of emergency gave free rein to security forces that effectively served to repress political freedom.

According to Reuters, Algeria's cabinet on Tuesday adopted an order to lift the 19-year-old state of emergency, a concession designed to keep out a wave of protests sweeping the Arab world.

The emergency rules banned protest marches in the capital but Bouteflika said earlier this month this restriction would remain in force indefinitely.

Why has Democracy lost the war in Algeria? We have always learned that democracies tend to win the wars they fight, but then...why not in Algeria? The transition to democracy has suffered, and continues to suffer from ambiguities in the nationalist approach to the demands of secularity and the place of Islam and universal law. The debate swings between the secular values and the religious dogma and tradition. 

Well, as we have mentioned it before, education is the guardian of Democracy. Democratisation in Algeria is not possible because our educational system has fallen. Illiteracy is widespread among women! We all know that an educated woman means an educated child, an educated village. Therefore, we have to educate women! 

Of course there are also other reasons why democracy has encoutered problems in Algeria: demography, high unemployment, lack of a strong civil society to mediate socially and politically. Well, no surprise!! people have been marginalised from power so long!! 30 years of a single party system!! no form of autonomous expression! 

But if we educate women and these women go to vote, then may be one day we might end up with Democracy. There is a feminist slogan in Algeria which says "A vote is like a prayer, no one can do it for you." How come there is an automatic right of proxy given to the husband to vote for his illiterate wife!!! HOW! These husbands must legalise this right by asking his wife to confirm her agreement in writing to the local authorities. 

You understand why I think it is important for women to be educated in Alegeria. They will be the guardian of the democracy! Men vote for their wives! What kind of Democracy is that! These women are housewives and illiterate so their husbands decide for everything, even for their political rights. If we educate these women, they will have their own political voice in order to make their own political choice. 

If you want peace, prepare for education. Instead of spending billions in military spending in order to perpetuate the cycle of civil strife and conflict, spend this money on education.

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