"All humans are members of the same body Created from one essence"

"Human beings are members of a whole in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain."

Monday, 14 February 2011

An Open Letter to The Syrian President, Bashar al- Assad Requesting to Release Tal al-Mallouhi

An Open Letter to The Syrian President, Bashar al- Assad Requesting to Release Tal al-Mallouhi

The Letter to The Syrian President, Bashar al- Assad

Cairo September 19th , 2010

His Excellency Bashar al-Assad
President of the Syrian Arab Republic

Republican Palace
Abu Rummaneh, Al-Rashid Street
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic

Dear Mr. President,

On December 27th , 2009, the Syrian security forces arrested the student Tal Dawsar al-Mallouhi,19 years old, a blogger on the Internet, without notifying her family or lawyers or declaring the reason of her arrest or the start of a judicial investigation.

So far, nine months after the arrest of the student Tal al-Mallouhi, no judicial authority declared the reasons of her arrest or declare pressing any charges against her leaving everyone to the presumption that the reason for her arrest was the poetry she writes on her blog.

During the current month , news has widely spread that Tal died in detention. If this were true, it would be a serious incident that dictates an urgent and transparent investigation whose results should be declared to the public and the perpetuators should be tried for their crimes. If Tal is still alive, security authorities have to declare the real reasons for her long detention without charge or trial.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, 6th April movement , alGhad party and Egyptian activists and bloggers express deep worry at the detention of a Syrian citizen without investigation or trial. Despite the emergency state is valid in Syria, the emergency law does not allow detaining citizens without declaring the reasons knowing that Syria has ratified the international covenant for civil and political rights that provides personal freedom and security for all citizens without exceptions as well as providing the right to opinion and expression.

We urge you Mr. President to instruct security authorities to declare the reasons for detaining Tal al-Mallouhi , to put her to a fair trial if charges were pressed against her or to release her immediately and compensate her for the illegal detention period in abidance to the rule of law and in accordance with human rights principles.

We also remind you Mr. President of the many prisoners of conscience in Syria, such as Haitham al-Maleh , Mohanad al-Hasany, Ali al-Abdallah , Nour Youssef and others who committed no crime but enjoyed their right to expression.

We urge you Mr. President to take the initiative to stop these violations immediately and put Syria on the track of respect and protection of human rights for all citizens without exception.

Yours Sincerely,

6th April movement

Al-Ghad party

Rawda Ahmed Sayed Ali

Deputy Executive Director

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

Cairo September 19th , 2010

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